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We need to be proactive to get the programme up and running, so just ask and we will do our best to programme you into our What’s On!

We’re a Community Benefit Society and operate on a not-for-profit basis. We seek to keep the cost of access to the building as fair as we can, but of course need to cover heating costs, services and professional staff where needed.

We could not operate without volunteer support. The purchase of the building was largely made possible thanks to the generosity and support of people living in, and near to, the village. Everyone is welcome to participate in bringing the building to life!


Perfect for private and public gatherings & exhibitions/talks/performances. We provide a hanging system; plinths; a projector; tables & chairs as required.

The Gallery is ideal to host visual art exhibitions. The adjacent room, currently described as the Business Hub, may also be available for hire on request, to provide extra space for shows – just ask. As well as the main gallery space, there are other areas where artworks can be displayed – in corridors, other public rooms including the cafe walls. The main gallery room has space to display and sell 3D works and the courtyard could display and sell modest outdoor works.

As well as exhibitions, the George Gallery space will host a myriad of events – talks, performances, music, recitals, discussions, plays etc.


Newly laid out, with a Belfast sink for washing brushes etc., the workshop offers a smaller space for gatherings of all kinds. It can be hired for meetings, group lunches, classes; maker’s workshops; writing groups; indeed, anyone who would benefit from this private space that can take 12-14 people comfortably. If you wish to book spaces regularly, the hire rates favour repeat or series of bookings.

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PLEASE NOTE: Whilst the workshop providers deliver for free, some of the tasters have associated costs for materials and services. Please let us know if that is necessary for your workshop, and advise us of any participant number limits. Also if you have any access requirements. The upstairs rooms are not currently fully accessible in terms of mobility. Those needing to charge are asked to set up their own Eventbrite event. Please ask us for our logo.