With its warm and inviting ambience, we aim to make The George a welcoming place where you can relax, enjoy some company and feel part of the community. If you want to sit quietly and watch the world go by with a cuppa, that’s fine too!

Cafe Information

Nestled in the picturesque village of Newnham on Severn our family-friendly cafe beside the River Severn (dogs are welcome too!) is a hidden gem in Gloucestershire. Embrace the warm and inviting atmosphere that welcomes you from the moment you walk through our door. Whether you’re a local looking for your favourite spot or a tourist seeking a taste of local life, we’ve got you coverered here at The George.

Opening hours for our cafe are 10.30am to 4pm Tuesday to Saturday with brunch served 10.30am to 2.30pm each day. 

Organic & Seasonal 

It’s really important to us that we buy local where possible and our aim is to minimise waste. Our menu is thoughtfully created. We like to eat seasonally, making the most of what’s on offer in our beautiful surrounding area in the Forest of Dean. Our locality is rich in produce and we want to bring what’s available straight to your plate. By supporting local farmers and growers we reduce our carbon footprint. Our aim is to create a sustainable food system that benefits both our community and our planet.

Brunch menu


Our cook, Annie, crafts imaginative dishes that celebrate local produce and seasonal ingredients.

What makes us unique?

At The George we take pride in more than just the food and drink we serve. We aim to provide an inclusive environment where people who work with us learn, grow and achieve. What makes us a standout destination:

The Newnham on Severn Community Benefit Society relies on the dedication and passion of our incredible volunteers. We hope to make people who give their time feel valued by coming together with others for a shared purpose. It’s our aim to provide a rewarding experience for those who are helping us to provide positive change for both the community and wider locality.¬†