The Bakery


We are an artisan small-batch bakery located at The George. Currently we sell small-batch white and whole-grain sourdough loaves, overnight-fermented and baked on Friday mornings in house. 

Bakery Information

We bake our sourdough in batches of six in our small Rofco oven. We also offer a variety of breads: from focaccia to yeasted white. 

Baguettes and other baked products, including cinnamon rolls, are available. 

Our Ingredients

Better Flour: All our sourdough is made with wild farmed carbon neutral flour. 

All the ingredients used for baking are locally sourced. 

We value the strong community spirit we have locally and are grateful to our bread consultants, Dede and Anna, who have shared their knowledge and expertise with us. At the moment we are learning how to run a bakery and our aim is to provide all the breads, cakes and pastries for the George Cafe next door and the local community. 


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Our trainee bakers are working hard to develop the skills and perfect processes that are hundreds of years old. After tasting sourdough, you won’t want to try anything else, it’s just incomparable. 

How to order

We are working hard to get the bakery running smoothly, please contact our Hub Manager James to place your orders by phone on 01594 510740 or email

Place your orders by 4pm on Thursday for collection on Friday after 11am.